Resident Engineer’s House

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The Engineer’s House, or Pen y Garreg bungalow, is located above the Pen y Garreg dam. It was built in the 19th century as temporary accommodation for the main dam engineer, Eustace Tickell and his team, and retains almost all of its original Victorian features.  The house remains an interesting historical remnant.  Its remote location in such a beautiful natural environment makes it an extraordinary destination and a source of inspiration. 

This project will see the building sympathetically restored. It will become a fit for purpose space to accommodate people who wish to stay at Elan Valley, including artists taking part in residencies. 

The brief for this restoration is multiple:

  • to conserve a historically important building which is at risk;
  • to provide a viable use for this building into the future so its condition is safeguarded into the future;
  • to refurbish the building so that it provides suitable accommodation for the artists involved in the Artists Residencies project;
  • to refurbish the building in a way which doesn’t preclude it from other uses such as a location for group accommodation;
  • to refurbish the building in a way which is mindful of the “rustic” charm of the building and to ensure that this isn’t lost;
  • to ensure that the building fits into the bigger picture of available accommodation and different uses planned within the Elan Valley.

Alongside using the House for residencies, we will aim to open the building up for Open Days through the year.

Download the project plan.