Elan Rare Species

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Elan Valley has many rare species and habitats. In order to ensure they survive and thrive in the future it is important to understand where they live and any changes there may be in their abundance over time, including in response to works undertaken through Elan Links.

This project will combine the skills of professional nature conservationists and trained volunteers to search for rare species, monitor biodiversity changes and undertake activity to support important species and habitats in conjunction with the other natural heritage projects.

Over the next five years, activities will be focused on management action areas or will be intelligence-led using previous records, local and specialist knowledge. This work will establish baselines, monitor changes and feed into final project evaluations.

The project will:

  • Regularly monitor areas to enable evaluations of the other natural heritage projects within the Elan Links scheme.

Update the Elan Biodiversity Action Plan

Create new records for the Local Record Centre

Enable volunteer activity to support important species and habitats

See 100 volunteers trained in biodiversity monitoring skills and nature conservation actions.

Download the project plan.