Enhancing Nature and Wildlife

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The upland plateau of Elan Valley is an open and wild landscape with a wide skyline that forms the core of the Elenydd mountains.

The Elan Links Scheme is running projects which focus on restoring and enhancing the natural habitats.  These aim to tackle the threats and challenges to the areas natural heritage, preserving and maintaining it for the future.

Healthy Bogs

We will improve the nature conservation status of the area of blanket bog in the Elan Valley uplands to secure the habitat and the species that call it home.

Better Dry Heath

We will clear invasive species, such as bracken and conifers, in the dry heath area to protect this wonderful habitat.

Improving our Woodlands

We will work to preserve and improve the Elan Valley’s internationally important woodlands by site thinning, bracken management, additional planting and removing invasive species such as rhododendron.

Elan Rare Birds

We will improve the habitats and make other interventions to help improve the breeding success of rare birds in the area including the curlew, golden plover, red grouse, ring ouzel and merlin.

Elan Rare Species

We will use nature conservationists and trained volunteers to search for rare species and monitor biodiversity changes to ensure rare species in the Elan Valley survive and thrive.

Elan Hay Meadows

We will work with farmers to make sure our hay meadows continue to flourish.

Elan Rhos Hay

We will encourage the traditional local practice of rhos hay production by farmers and investigate the best ways of making and using the hay to generate a more economic and sustainable product.

Elan Ram Scheme

We will work with farmers to develop a co-operative sheep breeding scheme to ensure stock are bred with the hardiness and hefting instinct needed to survive in the Elan Valley.

Elan Cattle Grazing

We will encourage farmers to increase the numbers of cattle available to graze on key habitats where the animals can be highly beneficial to nature.

Elan Wethers

Wethers – castrated male sheep – were traditionally part of the mountain flock in the Elan Valley.  We will promote the sustainable production of wether meat to encourage this local farming tradition to continue.

Get Involved

Throughout the scheme, there are lots of opportunities for you to get involved including:

  • Conservation
  • Habitat restoration
  • Biodiversity monitoring