Healthy Bogs

The upland plateau of Elan Valley is an open, isolated and wild landscape with a wide skyline that forms the core of the Elenydd mountains. Much of this is overlain with deep peat that’s home to blanket bog communities of plants, birds, small mammals and invertebrates. In some areas peat has been eroded and gullies and channels have led to it drying out. On areas with shallower peat, Molinia, an invasive grass species, has become over-dominant. This has reduced accessibility to visitors and increases the risk and severity of grass fires.

This project seeks to improve the nature conservation status of areas of blanket bog. Actions to tackle these issues will help secure the fantastic landscape and species of the upland plateau for the future.

During the development phase at least 20 hectares of degraded blanket bog and molinia over-dominant habitat will be managed to restore habitat condition through a combination of:

  1. 1. peat re-profiling, and building baled molinia or timber dams to slow the flow of water off eroded or degraded bogs;
  2. 2. targeted cutting and grazing of Molinia linked to scientific research in partnership with Aberystwyth University; and
  3. 3. cutting degraded bog areas followed by patch reseeding with heath and sphagnum species.

The aims are to complete the following:

  • At least 20 hectares of eroded and degraded bog better managed/restored
  • Molinia control studies leading to a PhD
  • 10 people trained in bog management skills
  • Two stakeholder days
  • All Elan Links farmers informed about the project
  • End of project report with recommendations for future activity to restore all of Elan’s degraded bog habitat
  • Biodiversity monitoring activity
  • Interpretation to a wider audience.

Download the project plan.

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