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Elan Valley Visitor Centre receives around 154,000 visitors each year.  This project focuses on creating innovative approaches to interpretation, providing visitors with the opportunity to learn, engage and explore in new ways.  Throughout the project, special exhibitions will be held at the Visitor Centre along with the Rhayader Museum and Gallery to help facilitate new outreach work.

From 2019 there will be new equipment and resources at the Visitor Centre, including a children’s discovery table and family explorer backpacks. This will encourage families to experience Elan Valley in a different way.

Over the next five years, we will be providing exhibitions and information on themes including:

  • Conserving Elan’s natural landscape, including why the conservation work being done as part of the Elan Links scheme is important towards sustaining the delicate eco-system found in the Valley.
  • Elan’s human heritage – presenting a narrative around the work happening to restore Elan’s built environment and explore how the landscape has been, and continues to be, shaped by our activity.
  • Capture Elan – inviting visitors to tell the story of how people interact with Elan now.
  • Elan’s future – concentrating on the future of Elan and of water, particularly around sustainability and responsible of the world’s resources.

Our aim in this project is to:

  • Develop 10 Elan Links exhibitions each year – five at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre and five at CARAD
  • Created a new Children’s Discovery Table in the Visitor Centre
  • Develop family explorer backpacks
  • Ensure that all the Elan Links projects are interpreted and promoted through a range of platforms.

Download the project plan.

Download the Elan Interpretation Strategy.