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The Elan Valley offers people from near and far the chance to appreciate nature in a unique and beautiful setting. 

The Elan Links scheme will develop a better, more enjoyable experience for people. It will offer new ways to link, learn and love the Elan Valley.

We will:

  • Improve engagement, interpretation, learning facilities and opportunities for new and existing visitors.
  • Promote better health and wellbeing through improved access and recreation facilities.

Interpreting Elan

We will create new exhibitions and resources to help visitors experience the Elan Valley in a range of ways.

Elan Interactive

We will develop an app, using GPS software, that provides information on heritage, activities and events available in the Elan Valley.

Artists Residencies

We will develop the Elan Valley as a centre of creativity, focusing on using the arts to better understand, explore and engage with nature, water and sustainability.

Engaging and Innovative Events

We will deliver 20 community events each year, offering new opportunities to enjoy and understand the Elan Valley, with a real focus on further connections with the surrounding communities.

Making the Most of Elan Valley

We will increase access to the area and recreation activities available.  This will include improvements to existing routes, the creation of new routes, new visitor hubs and the promotion of the Elan Valley Dark Skies Park.

Get Involved

Throughout the scheme, there are lots of opportunities for you to get involved including:

  • Guided walks and activity leaders
  • Event support and marshalling
  • Photography and filming