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The Elan Links: People, Nature & Water Scheme is a Heritage Lottery funded Landscape Partnership for the Elan area.

Elan Links: People, Nature & Water have established a clear, ambitious vision:

“to safeguard the unique and varied heritage of Elan while significantly enhancing outcomes for people, communities and heritage for the long term”.

Every Heritage Lottery funded Landscape Partnership scheme produces a Landscape Conservation Action Plan (LCAP) during their development phase, before embarking on delivery. It pulls together key information unearthed about the landscape in development, and informs all plans for the next 3, 4 or 5 years – and beyond the duration of HLF funding.

It’s the ‘manifesto’ for the landscape – incorporating the overall vision for your scheme, the Landscape Character Assessment, various projects responding to the needs of the landscape and local people, and considers long term management and sustainability.

Chapter 0 – Background to the Elan Links Landscape Partnership

Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Elan Links LCAP

Chapter 2 – Understanding the Elan Links Area

Chapter 3 – Statement of Significance

Chapter 4 – Threats & Opportunities

Chapter 5 – Overview of the Elan Links Scheme

Chapter 6 – Scheme Plan & Costs

Chapter 7 – Monitoring & Evaluation

Chapter 8 – Sustainability & Legacy

Elan Links Audience Development Plan

Interpretation Strategy

Access and Recreation Plan

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Volunteering Policy

Heritage at Risk Survey – Part 1

Heritage at Risk Survey – Part 2