Artists Residencies

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Elan Valley has a long history as a place that inspires people.  Around one in every eight visitors now come principally to undertake artistic or creative activities.

This project will build on the artistic legacy to further develop Elan Valley as a centre for creativity.  There will be a particular focus on using the arts to better understand, explore and engage with nature, water, sustainability and the rural/urban dynamic.  The aim is to complement work in other projects being developed to help build a truly Creative Elan.  Each year, two artists will be appointed.  They will spend at least a month on site in order to experience the landscape.  This will create opportunities for local artists to experience Elan Valley through the eyes of experienced creatives.

Over the next five years, the aim is to achieve:

  • 10 resident artists living and working on site
  • Four Creative Wales Fellowships
  • 80 young people working with established artists
  • Artists’ talks, walks and workshops
  • Exhibition
  • Peer to peer portfolio sessions

This will culminate in a water summit and a publication.

Download the project plan.