Making the most of Elan Valley

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Access and recreational activities are a big part of Elan Valley and this project sets out to ensure a variety of users can enjoy and love the area as much as possible. The works to be completed include:

  • Improvements to the existing routes
  • Provisions to enable further and easier engagement with the landscape and heritage around
  • New routes for walking/running, cycling and horse riding
  • New visitor ‘hubs’ away from the Visitors Centre
  • Promoting the Elan Valley Dark Skies Park

This project aims to allow more people to be able to get out and enjoy Elan Valley, enabling them to better appreciate the landscape and heritage that surrounds them.

Over the next five years, we will establish:

  • A network of improved rotes for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and orienteers
  • A suite of new routes including:
    • Elan’s first purpose-built woodland cycle route
    • New section to the Garreg Ddu roundabout
    • Two orienteering routes
    • 10 new waymarked walking routes
  • Three new hubs across the Elan Valley, offering opportunities for families to explore away from the Visitors Centre.

Download the project plan.

Download the Elan Valley Access & Recreation Plan.