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Elan Valley

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Part of what makes Elan Valley special is its dramatic landscape.  It creates a sense of solitude and wilderness.  This project will support those within our local community who currently struggle to access Elan Valley. It will see 20 bespoke activity days per year enabling people to be outdoors and engage with the area and its natural heritage, as well as gaining a new appreciation of it.

This project will provide funded bespoke activity days in the Elan Valley which are aimed at groups in the local communities who are not currently able to engage with nature or need support to get the most value out of their time in the area.

Tir Coed will bring their specialist expertise to take the lead on this project.  It’s hoped that the activity sessions will give people from disengaged groups greater confidence to return and enjoy the site at their own pace.  Each year, 20 bespoke activity days will be held.  The focus of these activities include:

  • Nature activities
  • Adventure activities
  • Craft activities
  • Arts activities

The aim is to run 100 activity days over the course of the five-year project, reaching 1,200 harder to reach individuals from local communities. Click here for more information.

Download the project plan.