Archaeology Training Workshops June 2023

Archaeology Training Workshops June 2023

12th May 2023

Call for Volunteers: Archaeology Training Workshops June 2023.

Elan Links in partnership with Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust is offering volunteers a 6-day introduction to upland archaeology in advance of our community excavations planned for later this year.

The free training will take place at the Welsh Water Visitors Centre from 10am to 4 pm and includes lunch and refreshments.

7/6/23 – Introduction: What is an archaeologist? How do archaeologists know where to dig? And how do you set up an archaeological excavation? Tools of the trade.

8/6/23 – How are archaeological sites formed and how to recognise and excavate the stratigraphy in the correct order.

14/6/23 – Context and recording:  what is recorded and why is it important to do so?

15/6/23 – Making a record: planning, drawing and photography in the digital age.

19/6/23 – Finds and artefacts: recovery, removal and recording with the importance of context.

20/6/23 – Archaeology in the Elan valley and site-specific details: deserted medieval settlements, house platforms and upland archaeology.

Limited places, for an application form and further details please contact Gary Ball, Archaeology and Heritage Officer.